About Us

Because the internet is the most rapidly expanding medium for disseminating information, we decided to create this website in order to share our expertise with others.

We also want to make available the products that we use and can recommend.  An unskilled enthusiast may find the market to be a bewildering labyrinth since there are many different kinds of equipment and numerous different brands of products accessible. We have experimented with a large number of different brands, filtration methods, and treatments for our water. Some are just passing fads, some are pointless, yet others are rather effective. Because we are aware of which brands are trustworthy and provide the most bang for the buck, we only carry those particular brands in our inventory. They are not always the most affordable option, but neither are they the most expensive ones either. Most importantly, we are certain that they will fulfill their responsibilities!

In addition, please send us a message if you are unclear about what it is that you need. We are also delighted to address any questions you may have about other elements of fish keeping; however, we ask that you please read the frequently asked questions first; there is a good possibility that you will find all of the information that you want there. Please let us know if there is anything in particular that you are interested in seeing, as we will be continually adding new content and updating the material that is already here.

We want your time spent on our website to be rewarding and satisfying. Please provide us with feedback, and if you discover any links that are not working properly, missing, or otherwise problematic, please let us know. In addition, be sure to come back often for new information, updates, and goods.

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