Aquarium Plants Names List (A to Z)

The lists below show commonly available plant varieties. Please note that availability varies and not all varieties are available at any given time. All plants shown are individual bare-root specimens unless otherwise stated.

Standard plant lines

Aluminium bunches
Amazon sword – large
Amazon sword – medium
Amazon sword – small
Amazon sword potted
Ambulia bunches
Ambulia pieces
Ammania potted
Anubias – med assorted
Anubias – small assorted
Anubias afzelli
Anubias Barteri
Anubias emerald heart
Anubias hybrid
Anubias lge assorted
Anubias nana
Anubias nana “miniature” potted
Assorted anubias potted
Assorted cryptocorynes potted
Assorted plants potted
Assorted swords potted
Baby tears bunches
Bacopa bunches
Banana lilies
Bareroot cryptocorynes – large
Bareroot cryptocorynes – small
Bella plams
Blue Stricta bunches
Blue stricta potted
Borneo swords
Broad Amazon sword – large
Broad Amazon sword – medium
Broad Amazon sword – small
Broad chain sword
Broad leaf green wendtii crypt potted
Broad telanthera potted
Brown wendtii crypt potted
Cardamine lyrata bunches
Chain sagittaria
Chinese evergreen
Christmas stars
Contortionist vallis
Corkscrew vallis
Costata crypt potted
Curly Ivy bunches
Didiplus diandra bunches
Dragons Flame bunches
Dwarf green rush bunches
Dwarf pongol
Dwarf rush pieces
Filigree milfoil bunches
Giant Ambulia bunches
Giant Bacopa bunches
Giant Cardamine bunches
Giant Hygrophila bunches
Giant milfoil bunches
Giant rush pieces
Giant vallis pieces
Glossostigma potted
Gold pennywort bunches
Green pennywort bunches
Green rush bunches
Green rush pieces
Green wendtii crypt potted
Hornwort pieces
Hottonia inflata potted
Hybrid Hygrophila bunches
Hydrilla bunches
Hydroctyle potted
Hygrophila bunches
Java fern – large
Java fern – medium
Java fern – small
Java moss (Fontinalis)
Lace fern bunches
Lace fern large
Lace fern medium
Lace fern small
Lace plant (crispus)
Leopard sword potted
Lilaeopsis bags
Lilaeopsis pots
Lizard tails
Lobelia cardinalis potted
Ludwigia inclinata potted
Ludwigia repens bunches
Lutea crypt potted
Macranda bunches
Magenta bunches
Marble queen sword – large
Marble queen sword – medium
Marble queen sword – small
Marble queen sword potted
Mauve stricta bunches
Maxi ambulia bunches
Mayaca bunches
Melon sword – large
Melon sword – medium
Melon sword – small
Melon sword potted
Micranthemum potted
Microcarpa minima potted
Moelmanii crypt potted
Narrow chain sword
Narrow ludwigia bunches
Needle ludwigia bunches
Nevilli crypt potted
Oriental green wendtii crypt potted
Oriental sword potted
Ozelot sword potted
Parrots feather bunches
Peacock sword
Pine needles bunches
Pink baby tears bunches
Pink Ivy bunches
Pisces hygrophila bunches
Pogostemon stellata bunches
Pogostemon stellata potted
Purple temple bunches
Purple waffle bunches
Radican sword potted
Radicans sword – large
Radicans sword – medium
Radicans sword – small
Radicans sword – xlarge
Red Ivy bunches
Red temple bunches
Riccia bags
Rigidifolia sword – large
Rigidifolia sword – medium
Rigidifolia sword – small
Rigidifolia sword – xlarge
Rigidifolia sword potted
Rose sword potted
Rotala mexicana potted
Rotala occultifolia potted
Rotala rotundifolia bunches
Rotala wallichii bunches
Rubra sword – large
Rubra sword – medium
Rubra sword – small
Rubra sword potted
Scarlet ludwigia bunches
Scarlet ludwigia potted
Silver swords
Silver waffle bunches
Spathyphillum large
Spathyphillum medium
Spathyphillum small
Telanthera bunches
Thin Vallis bunches
Thin Vallis pieces
Thin Vallis pieces – tank grown
Tropica wendtii crypt potted
Undulate crypt potted
Variegated rush bunches
Variegated rush pieces
Violet bunches
Water rose
Willow hygrophila bunches
Wisteria bunches
Wisteria pieces
Yellow Ivy bunches

Rare & Large plants

Anubias afzelli30-40cm
Anubias afzelli20-30cm
Anubias afzelli old type10cm
Anubias barteri (old type) mother plantpotted
Anubias barteri mother plantpotted
Anubias barteri old type25-30cm
Anubias barteri old type10-20cm
Anubias congensis40-70cm
Anubias congensis30-40cm
Anubias congensis20-30cm
Anubias congensis10-20cm
Anubias congensis70-100cm
Anubias congensis mother plantpotted
Anubias emerald heart30-50cm
Anubias emerald heart mother plantpotted
Anubias hybrid70-100cm
Anubias hybrid60-70cm
Anubias hybrid40-50cm
Anubias hybrid broad leaf40-70cm
Anubias hybrid broad leaf70-100cm
Anubias hybrid curly heart30-40cm
Anubias hybrid curly heart20-30cm
Anubias hybrid frilly15-25cm
Anubias lanceolata15cm
Anubias lanceolata20-30cm
Anubias lanceolata30-40cm
Anubias lanceolata mother plantpotted
Anubias nana mother plantpotted
Assorted crypts – submerse grown10-20cm
Assorted crypts – submerse grown5-10cm
Bolbitis fern15-20cm
Bolbitis fern20-25cm
Bolbitis fern25-35cm
Bolbitis fern10-15cm
Ceratopteris fern10-20cm
Ceratopteris fern5-10cm
Cryptocoryne “Mi Oya”5-10cm
Cryptocoryne “Mi Oya” – submerse5-10cm
Cryptocoryne affinis2-3cm
Cryptocoryne affinis10-15cm
Cryptocoryne balansae5-10cm
Cryptocoryne balansae20-30cm
Cryptocoryne balansae10-15cm
Cryptocoryne blassii5cm
Cryptocoryne costata10-20cm
Cryptocoryne costata5-10cm
Cryptocoryne griffithii5cm
Cryptocoryne lingua10cm
Cryptocoryne lutea5-10cm
Cryptocoryne lutea10-20cm
Cryptocoryne lutea – submerse, potted10-20cm
Cryptocoryne moehlmanni10-20cm
Cryptocoryne moehlmanni5-10cm
Cryptocoryne nevilli10-20cm
Cryptocoryne nevilli5-10cm
Cryptocoryne petchii5-10cm
Cryptocoryne pontederifolia15-20cm
Cryptocoryne pontederifolia25-35cm
Cryptocoryne purpurea5-10cm
Cryptocoryne purpurea5cm, potted
Cryptocoryne thwaitesii5-10cm
Cryptocoryne undulata20-30cm
Cryptocoryne undulata5-10cm
Cryptocoryne undulata5cm, potted
Cryptocoryne wendtii – broad leaf green5-10cm
Cryptocoryne wendtii – broad leaf green10-20cm
Cryptocoryne wendtii – brown5-10cm
Cryptocoryne wendtii – brown10-15cm
Cryptocoryne wendtii – brown20cm
Cryptocoryne wendtii – green10-15cm
Cryptocoryne wendtii – green5-10cm
Cryptocoryne wendtii – green submerse potted5-10cm
Cryptocoryne wendtii – oriental green5cm, potted
Cryptocoryne wendtii – oriental green5-10cm
Cryptocoryne wendtii “Tropica”10-15cm
Cryptocoryne wendtii “Tropica”5-10cm
Echinodorus – green flame20cm
Echinodorus – red flame20cm
Echinodorus amazonicus “frilled leaf”10-15cm
Echinodorus amazonicus “frilled leaf”15-20cm
Echinodorus amazonicus “frilled leaf”25-30cm
Echinodorus amazonicus “frilled leaf”35-40cm
Echinodorus apart15cm
Echinodorus apart10cm
Echinodorus barthii – submerse grown20cm
Echinodorus barthii – submerse grown30-35cm
Echinodorus bleheri – compact variety5-10cm
Echinodorus bleheri – compact variety10-15cm
Echinodorus bleheri – compact variety15-20cm
Echinodorus bleheri – compact variety25-30cm
Echinodorus grisebachi5cm
Echinodorus grisebachi10cm
Echinodorus horemani – green20cm
Echinodorus horemani – red20cm
Echinodorus horizontalis60-70cm
Echinodorus horizontalis30-35cm
Echinodorus horizontalis35-40cm
Echinodorus horizontalis20-25cm
Echinodorus klienberger – emerse20cm
Echinodorus klienberger – submerse20cm
Echinodorus klienberger – submerse50cm
Echinodorus latifolius5-10cm
Echinodorus latifolius10-15cm
Echinodorus latifolius15-20cm
Echinodorus latifolius25-30cm
Echinodorus leopard10cm
Echinodorus martii – submerse grown20cm
Echinodorus martii – submerse grown35cm
Echinodorus ozelot “red”20cm
Echinodorus ozelot “red”30cm
Echinodorus ozelot “red” – submerse20cm
Echinodorus ozelot “red” – submerse30cm
Echinodorus ozelot “red” – submerse40cm
Echinodorus rose20cm
Echinodorus rose25cm
Echinodorus rose – submerse grown30-35cm
Echinodorus rose – submerse grown50cm
Echinodorus rose – submerse grown20cm
Echinodorus rose – submerse grown40cm
Echinodorus rubin20cm
Echinodorus rubin25-30cm
Echinodorus rubin35-40cm
Echinodorus tenellus, chains of 3
Echinodorus tropica5-10cm
Echinodorus tropica10-15cm
Echinodorus tropica15-20cm
Echinodorus uruguayensis20-30cm
Echinodorus uruguayensis40cm
Echinorus oriental – emerse grown20cm
Echinorus oriental – emerse grown20-25cm
Echinorus oriental – submerse grown30cm
Echinorus oriental – submerse grown35cm
Echinorus oriental – submerse grown20-25cm
Java fern – crested15-20cm
Java fern – crested25-30cm
Lace plant – crispus50-60cm
Lace plant – crispus35-40cm
Lace plant – crispus15-20cm
Lace plant – crispus25-30cm
Lace plant – rigidifolius50cm
Lace plant – rigidifolius20cm
Lagenandra mother plant25cm+
Tiger lotus – green20cm
Tiger lotus – red20cm

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