10 Best Hang On Back Filter Reviews, Buying Guide & Maintenance Tips (2022)


A lot may be inferred about the person who owns an aquarium just by looking at it. You can’t simply sit back and expect your aquarium to look good without putting in any effort. This indicates that you are willing to put in the effort to keep it. To do this requires first acquiring the appropriate equipment. You ought to acquire the hob filter right away since it is one of the accessories you need. The filter will be in charge of ensuring that the water in your aquarium is constantly clean in its environment. The water in the aquarium won’t be any cleaner or clearer than the water in aquariums that don’t have filters since the aquarium won’t be filtered.

It is not always that simple to choose a hob filter, despite the fact that we are huge proponents of having the greatest one possible. There are a great number of these hob filters available, but selecting the appropriate one requires some direction. Sometimes you’ll buy a filter with the expectation that it would perform well, but it turns out to be a dud instead. The question now is, what steps can be taken to ensure that errors of this kind are not repeated?

It is because of this that we decided to write up a guide. It provides you with all of the advice, suggestions, and evaluations that you will need in order to choose the finest hob filter. We did not have to write evaluations on every single stove filter that is currently on the market; rather, we focused on reviewing just the very best of them. Find the best filter for the stovetop, should we?

Best Hob Filters 2022 Buying Guide

In the following section of this article, we will demonstrate to you precisely what characteristics constitute a high-quality hob filter and what you should be on the lookout for when shopping for one to buy. It shouldn’t be too difficult, so let’s look at what the most important aspects are.

How to Setup a HOB Filter

If you want to install a stove filter, you should be ready for the installation procedure to be straightforward. Having said that, the process of setting up might have varying degrees of difficulty at times. There is a possibility that the installation of some of the models may be more challenging than others.

The first thing that you need to do is get all of the components that are required. These are the components that must be assembled before the model can be used. The greatest thing is that the majority of the time, all of these supplies and tools will be included inside the package of the product. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer does not always want you to purchase fresh materials in order to utilize it. You will save both money and time by using this method, both of which you would have used to hunt for the optimal components.

Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer on how to properly install the filter next. The majority of the instructions are almost usually straightforward. You won’t need to be concerned about doing more research into the procedure. Before the filter can be fitted, it is usually necessary for you to put together a few components. In this step, you may install the bio wheel, the filtering medium, and any number of other components. Always check that the filter media are fitted in the correct sequence before using the system. If the steps are performed in the incorrect sequence, the water will not be filtered effectively.

Before you can get certain more complicated filters to function, you will be required to complete additional stages in the filter’s setup process. In addition to this, you will need to install the intake sump as well as the appropriate tubing that was provided by the manufacturer. The pump ensures that there is a steady flow of water, which makes the filtering process simpler and more efficient. After that is finished, you will need to attach the necessary tubing so that the newly filtered water can be returned to the aquarium where it was originally kept.

You should have the filter set up by now so that it works exactly like the manufacturer intended it to. If it is a power filter, you should now proceed to connect the power cable into an outlet. To assist in getting the filter up and running, add some water to it. After you turn it on, you should notice that it immediately gets to work.

As you can see, the process of setting things up does not have to be difficult. Some versions are sold by the manufacturer with the assembly already completed. You will be limited to the one and only possibility of placing it on your aquarium as the sole available choice. If you run into any issues, you may often find solutions to your problems by watching videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to configure a certain filter.

How Often Should You Clean the Filter?

It’s possible that you already have a routine established for maintaining your aquarium’s cleanliness. It may be on a weekly basis that you have the opportunity to determine whether or not the water is in healthy condition. The vast majority of people will concentrate on their aquarium, forgetting that even the filter that cleans the water in the aquarium will eventually get contaminated. To answer your question, how often should you clean the filter? If you want to maintain the cleanliness of your tank, it goes without saying that you will also need to clean the filter.

It is possible that you may need to clean one more often or less frequently depending on the model. When it’s time to clean the filter, the instructions provided by the manufacturer will tell you after how much time has passed. There are certain cases in which the filter has to be cleaned after just a few weeks have passed.

It is important to use caution while cleaning your filter. There is more to it than just disassembling the different parts and beginning the cleaning process. When it is done correctly, then you can be certain that you will have a model that functions very well.

How to Clean A HOB Filter

Since you are aware that maintaining a clean filter is essential, it is in both of our best interests to walk you through the process of doing so. It is essential to bear in mind that the level of difficulty associated with cleaning will always be different for different models. You are free to follow these directions, which are more of a guideline than anything more we provide. In order to get the details, you will need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. So, let’s not waste any more time and go right into the cleaning, shall we?

  • Unplugging the filter from the power socket should be the first thing that you do. You can’t begin opening it up while it’s still linked. That would be impossible. If the power is still flowing through it, there is a possibility that you might be electrocuted.
  • The next step is to take the filter that hangs on the rear of the tank and remove it. This is not a difficult task; but, the opposite of what you need to do in order to put it up is required. After removing it from the tank, you will find that working on it is much simpler.
  • By removing the top lid, you will have easier access to the filter basket. The filter media are completely contained inside the basket in this apparatus. There are certain actions that must be taken in order to thoroughly clean the filter medium. You should focus most of your attention on the aquarium’s biological medium since it includes components that are vital. In addition to that, we will also provide you a carbon bag and a sponge for mechanical filtering.
  • In order to properly clean the filter media, you will need to utilize the water from the previous aquarium. First, pour the water into the bucket, and then begin cleaning the sponge and the beads. But what about the water from the old aquarium? Because it will assist in maintaining the viability of the beneficial bacteria that are still present in the filter medium, aquarium water is used in this process.
  • If the medium for filtering comes with a carbon bag, you will need to continue replacing it every two to four weeks at the very least. This will be determined by the total number of living things, including both plants and animals, that are contained inside the aquarium. When you increase the number of plants and animals in your ecosystem, you will need to maintain it more often, and vice versa.
  • The next step is to do some preventative maintenance on the motor. Put some lubrication on it so that it can function without producing a great deal of noise and operate more smoothly.
  • Examine the operation of the impeller to ensure that it is still functioning correctly. In the event that it is destroyed, you can be required to replace it.
  • After the cleaning procedure has been completed, all that has to be done is to put the filter back together and place it in the tank.

At this point, there should be no reason why you are unable to have a clean hob filter for your aquarium.

How to Choose the Best HOB Filter

  • The Aquarium Size

When shopping for the ideal hob filter, the dimensions of the aquarium should be your first priority. Always keep in mind the size of the aquarium so that you may choose the appropriate filter that is suited to the available space. The size of the aquarium is always taken into consideration when determining the appropriate water flow rate to use.

The bigger filters are designed to be able to take care of aquariums with a greater capacity. They may be able to filter the water more quickly, which will ensure that the water is kept pure at all times. If you were to use a tiny filter on a big aquarium, the cleaning process would need to be stretched out over a longer period of time. In the other hand, even though they are larger, the big filters may still be used on aquariums that aren’t that huge. The currents produced by the huge filters might sometimes be fatal to the fish and plants kept in the smaller aquariums.

  • Cost

It is inevitable that the user will have the price of a hob filter in the back of their mind at all times. You can even decide to purchase a model only on the basis of its pricing. So, what factors have an effect on the cost? The price will be different for each brand and manufacturer, as well as for each function that is included. Models that have any extra features will always come with a higher price tag than those that just include the fundamental options.

There is always the possibility of locating a filter that has a lower price point while yet performing very effectively. Instead of selecting the first filter that you come across, you should probably do further study before making your decision. If you are new to the industry, it is probably best to begin with a model that is less expensive and then upgrade after you have gained more experience and knowledge.

  • Maintenance

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the range hood filter is something that must constantly be done. Additionally, the filter will get filthy over time, resulting in the need that it be cleaned at some point. The only thing that will be different is how simple or challenging it will be. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, you might discover one that is simple or complicated depending on the model that you choose. Choosing a model that is simple to clean is something that should go without saying.

The period of time that must elapse before the filter has to be cleaned is also an important consideration in this regard. Nobody enjoys having to clean their filter once per week. You should also think about the procedure for cleaning the filter. Some models will let you clean the filter by removing just a few pieces, while others will need you to spend more time dismantling it first. Some models will enable you to clean the filter by removing only a few sections.

  • New technology

When it comes to filtering the water in an aquarium, you really need to get a solution that is capable of adapting to the many obstacles that may arise. It is impossible for us to still be using the technology that came out in the early 2000s at this point. So, what are some of the more recent updates that the business has made to its product? This assists you in discovering a product that would be useful since there has been a change in performance as well as technological advancements.

The model may have become more compact while retaining its previous level of efficacy as a result of the upgrades. This will certainly encourage more individuals to purchase the goods.

Additionally, the maker must to give opportunity for the filter’s further development. This is crucial because it will make it simpler for you to update the components whenever it becomes required to do so.

  • Noise

The amount of noise that is produced while the filter is running might make or break an experience for some individuals. The vast majority of them would prefer to have a version that performs admirably without requiring filling the space with an annoying amount of background noise. You could be working in a workplace where it is important to have some peace and quiet, but if the filter is loud, that might not always be the case. The pump is the primary source of the noise that is produced during operation. The fact that certain manufacturers have developed versions that do not generate noise because the pumps in such models are insulated is a positive development.

Before making a purchase, it is important to investigate and contrast the noise levels produced by the operation of many leading models.

  • Filtration Media

There is nothing novel about the filtering medium that is being utilized to assist someone in selecting the finest hob filter. This is due to the fact that the filtering medium will always and in every instance impact how well the filter does its job. If the aquarium’s filtration medium is not enough, it will be difficult to remove the debris and other impurities from the water in the aquarium.

This section also contains information on the number of filtering steps. There are numerous versions available to choose from that may have as many as five or more stages of filtration. The purpose of this concept is to create a filtering system that is functional at each level. Having additional phases that do not provide value is a waste of time and resources. Sometimes you may get a model that just has three stages of filtration, but it performs the same excellent job as the model that has five stages of filtration. You should never forget to think about the different filtering media that are used at each step.

  • Water flow rate

Naturally, the flow rate was not going to be left off the list at any point. Because one filter seems to be quite similar to the next, people will always have a hard time deciding which one to employ. The flow rate is the most reliable indicator of which one is which. The quantity of water that can be filtered by the system in one hour is referred to as the flow rate. This kind of information is always included in the part that is devoted to describing the product.

When comparing brands that are in direct competition with one another, you will always come across those that have a larger flow rate than others. Because of this, it is essential that you make an informed choice.

You also need to think about purchasing a model that has a flow rate that can be adjusted. In the aquarium, you may sometimes find yourself caring for fragile fish or plants. The fish are protected from harm by using a reduced flow rate. The same principle applies when it is time to provide food to the fish.

  • Versatility

You must also take into account the product’s adaptability if you want to guarantee that you will consistently end up with a superior product. When it comes down to it, everything depends on where and how you can apply the filter. It is conceivable that you will discover that it is feasible to use the filter for both saltwater and freshwater applications; however, this will depend on the filter. When it comes to purchasing filters for the two different kinds of aquariums, you will be able to save costs thanks to this strategy. In most cases, this comes down to personal choice. You have the option of purchasing a filter that is compatible with both kinds of aquariums or selecting one that is suitable for individual aquariums.

The procedure of setup

It doesn’t matter whose company you work for; the filter job is the same. The process of setting up is what ends up being distinctive. It is possible that the installation process for a product manufactured by one particular brand is simpler than that of the others. Some manufacturers invest significant time and effort into developing products that can be easily assembled by their customers. When it comes to the configuration process, some are made to need as little input from the user as possible.

In the end, you will want to have a product that does not need a whole day to set up, since that would defeat the purpose of having it. You should read some reviews if you want to have a better understanding of how difficult the installation procedure is going to be. They constantly discuss how simple or complicated the process of setting up the filter is.

  • Filter brands

There are several circumstances in which the manufacturer is an essential consideration when selecting the optimal filter. There are certain customers who will purchase a product no matter what merely because it is produced by a well-known brand. If you are such kind of person, then you have an obligation to educate yourself on the best brands in the industry. In the reviews that came before, we discussed a few of the best items available. All of the brands that are discussed in this article are considered to be the best in the filter market. If you make your selection from among the brands that have been shown here, you will be able to get the most effective range hood filter.

If you are shopping for a stove filter on an internet store, sorting the products by their ratings is the easiest way to find the most well regarded manufacturers. You now have the opportunity to acquire the highest-rated brands in your industry in addition to the best items available.

Best Hob Filters Comparison: Finding The Best Hang on Back Filter

ProductAquarium CapacityWater Flow RateMediaFiltration StagesRatings
AquarClear 110 Hang On Back Filter60 to 110 gallons500 gallons per hourFoam, activated carbon, bio-max34.5 of 5BUY NOW from Amazon.com
Fluval C4 Hang On ack Filter40 to 70 gallons264 gallons per hourPoly foam pad, activated carbon, c-nods, bio-screen54.4 of 5BUY NOW from Amazon.com
Marineland Penguin Hang On Back Filter50 to 70 gallons350 gallons per hourPenguin rite-size C filter cartridge34.4 of 5BUY NOW from Amazon.com
Marineland Emperor 400 Pro Series Hang On Back Filter80 gallons400 gallons per hourTwo Rite-size E filter cartridges/p>34.4 of 5BUY NOW from Amazon.com
Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Hang On Back Filter50 gallons250 gallons per hourAqueon cartridge34.3 of 5BUY NOW from Amazon.com
Tetra Whisper Hang On Back Filter40 gallons200 gallons per hourLarge whisper bio-bag cartridges34.3 of 5BUY NOW from Amazon.com
Seachem Tidal Hang On Back Filter55 to 110 gallons250 gallons per hourSeachem’s matrix bio-media and a foam filter34.3 of 5BUY NOW from Amazon.com
Penn Plax Cascade Hang On Back Filter55 to 100 gallons300 gallons per hourActivated carbon, internal sponge, bio-floss44.3 of 5BUY NOW from Amazon.com
Marina S10 Hang On Back Filter10 gallons55 gallons per hourBio-carb and bio-clear24.2 of 5BUY NOW from Amazon.com
Aquatop PF40-UV Hang On Back Filter15 to 40 gallons128 gallons per hourFilter pad, ceramic rings24.2 of 5BUY NOW from Amazon.com

Top-Rated Products: What’s The Best Hob Filter For Saltwater?

1. AquaClear 110 Hang On Back Filter Review

This AquaClear hob filter has to be unique in order to be considered one of the greatest hang-on-back filters. When it comes to performance, it demonstrates the distinctiveness that sets it apart. One of the most flexible and adaptable hob filters available on the market today is this product. This model is designed to provide you the very best performance for all of the standard aquarium sizes that are now in use. There is no question that you will never run out of applications for a filter of this kind.

Because of the innovative way in which the filter was constructed, it is capable of performing up to six times the normal level of filtration. This is possible because the water spends much longer time in contact with the filter’s media. The flow is remarkable given that it will cut the possibility of damaging the filter impeller by a whopping fifty percent. In circumstances in which the other filters will quickly become ineffective, this one will continue to function normally.

You should also like the recirculation grid and the multi filter media stacking since these are also wonderful features. When it comes to using this particular kind of AquaClear hang on back filter, this offers a greater degree of adaptability. The recirculation grid will make it possible for the water to go through the filter media at a more leisurely pace while allowing for modifications to be made as necessary. The quality of the water will always increase as a result of this.

The maker was also responsible for considering the aquatic life and plant life included inside the aquarium. This is where the re-filtration technology that was granted a patent comes into play. This technology makes it possible to have the appropriate water flow without necessarily reducing the effectiveness of the filtering process. Additionally, the water is treated many times to ensure that you always have access to the highest possible quality of water.

This is among the finest hob filters for saltwater, and it has an excellent flow rate for the water as well. It has no problem dealing with volumes of up to 500 gallons per hour. Because of this, you will often see it suggested for aquariums that are 110 gallons or larger. In comparison to the time it takes other kinds of stovetop filters, this one allows you to quickly get clean water.

It is necessary for you to conduct some maintenance on the hob aquarium filter in order to get the highest possible level of functionality from it. Because of this, it is essential to clean on a consistent basis. The instructions provided by the manufacturer suggest that you clean it once every two weeks. It is not reasonable to consider twice a month to be an excessive amount of effort. The most favorable aspect of the situation is that you will not be required to invest a significant amount of time in doing so. Should just take a few minutes, you should be through with the maintenance in that time. Be sure that the different types of media are inserted into the filter in the appropriate sequence. Even the AquaClear 70 hob filter is a fine option all things considered, but the AquaClear 110 model is outstanding.


  • Can hold a large amount of media
  • It is highly efficient for quality water
  • It has a reduced flow pressure
  • It is easy to install


  • It is pricey for some people

BUY NOW from Amazon.com

2. Fluval C4 Hang On Back Filter Review

You will discover that this is another one of the top hob filters currently available on the market. The many steps of filtering need to be something that always makes people enthusiastic about it. You have the option of using anything from 1 to 5 stages to filter your aquarium. This demonstrates that the Fluval hob filter will provide you with the highest possible quality of water. At the conclusion of the process, you will always be left with water that is completely pure and free of any impurities. People adore it, and one of the reasons for this adoration is that it is simple to set up. You should be finished in a few steps after you’ve started.

A polyfoam sponge may be found in each step of the filtering process. The purpose of the sponge is to collect both larger and smaller pieces of trash floating in the water. Simply said, this demonstrates that it functions well as a mechanical filter. After that, the water undergoes the third and final step of the filtering process. An insert made of activated carbon is included with the stage. During this step, any scents, discoloration, and other many contaminants that may be present in the water will be effortlessly removed. When it comes to the latter two phases, all that matters is the biological filtering that has taken place. The stages are equipped with bio C Nodes, which help eliminate any residues of nitrites and ammonia while also facilitating the healthy development of bacteria that are favorable to the environment. As you can see, it is not impossible to achieve the goal of providing fish with clean water to swim in. In addition, this filter comes with a filter indicator that indicates you whether or not the polyfoam has to be cleaned. This is due to the fact that it may store a considerable quantity of dirt at the very end.

The possession of a potent hob filter is something that is always wanted. If you need a filter that is effective, you should look into purchasing this Fluval hob filter. It has been optimized by the manufacturer to work well in aquariums that can hold up to 70 gallons of water. The finest feature is that it can efficiently process more than 250 gallons of water each hour. Because of such a large capacity, a great number of aquariums may be cleaned in a very short amount of time. Altering the water flow pressure is another feature that may be customized using the filter. When your aquarium contains fragile plants and creatures, this is the case. No more swimming against the strong currents if it’s at all feasible to avoid doing so. Even if you slow down the flow rate of the water, you can still have it refiltered numerous times to ensure that you have access to clean water at all times.

You are need to do routine maintenance on it, just as you would with any other kind of filter. At the very least once a year, you should schedule a cleaning appointment for the assembly of the impeller cover. After that, the motor is intended to be cleaned once every three months, on average. As you can see, cleaning does not need to be done on a weekly basis. You will also need to do more frequent inspections of the filter media to ensure that they are in suitable condition to continue doing their jobs.


  • It comes with a 5-stage filtration system
  • It is equipped with the cleaning indicator
  • The installation process is faster
  • The filtered water is always crystal clear


  • The foam pad might need regular replacing in a short time

BUY NOW from Amazon.com

3. Marineland Penguin Hang On Back Filter Review

Marineland has been an integral element in the production of the highest-quality filters for aquariums for more than 40 years at this point. When it comes to creating the most effective filters, the organization employs some of the most effective ways available. It is for this reason that you will discover a large number of individuals purchasing the finest hang-on-back filter designed specifically for saltwater from them. By providing its customers with some of the most impressive results ever, this filter lives up to the name of the firm that created it.

This saltwater hang on back filter was designed by the maker to be simple and straightforward to use at all times. This filter is now ready for use at any point in time when you believe it is necessary for you to clean the aquarium. In addition, there were just three steps of filtration used by the manufacturer to process the water. Much if there are only three of them, the end result of the filtering procedure makes you appreciate it even more. Because this type does not need the use of air pumps or tubing, you will not need to be concerned about such components. Because the method as a whole is straightforward, you’ll be able to begin using it in the shortest amount of time feasible. The mechanical filtering stage is the first one that the filter goes through. The Penguin rite-size cartridge has this step as standard equipment. At this step, the task at hand is to filter out any dirt and other particles that may be present in the water. In addition to that, it makes use of the innovative ribbed back. This will ensure that the water has the most possible contact with the carbon.

The second step consists of chemical filtration, which comes after the first stage. The use of diamond grade activated carbon is quite helpful in achieving an even higher level of water purity. At this point, the product is processed to get rid of any odor, discolouration, and other impurities. After going through this process, the water is much cleaner than it was before.

This filter has three stages, and the third one is the biological filtration. At this step, the water is cleaned using a key component called the BIO-wheel. Ammonia and nitrites in the water will have a better chance of being removed after this step. At this stage, it is also useful to the growth of the beneficial bacteria. At this point, the water has become completely clean and may be reintroduced into the aquarium without any further treatment. When it comes to the penguin line, the firm provides its customers with a selection of different alternatives to choose from. The Penguin 100 is the most compact model, and it has a flow rate of 100 gallons per hour. The Penguin 350 has a flow rate of 350 gallons per hour, making it the model with the greatest capacity. It works well for a variety of aquariums that are up to 70 gallons in capacity.

You may be certain that configuring the filter will never be difficult for you to perform. Because it does not have any tubing that has to be mounted, essentially no assembly is required for it. If you are just starting out, you should not have any trouble getting the aquarium filter installed and operational in a short amount of time. The user guide that is sent along with the device contains all of the instructions necessary to get it functioning properly.


  • It does not take time to set up
  • It has 3 filtration stages
  • It offers impressive water flow rate
  • Can handle the large aquariums


  • It needs frequent cleaning to remain effective

BUY NOW from Amazon.com

4. Marineland Emperor 400 Pro Series Hang On Back Filter Review

One of the best high-capacity aquarium filters on the market today is the Marineland Emperor 400, which you can purchase. Because of its large capacity, it has always been regarded as the finest hob power filter for individual purchase. It is incredible how well it works for aquariums of up to 80 gallons in capacity with no problems at all. You may be able to deduce what “that” refers to based on the number “400” that is included in the title. What this really denotes is that the model is capable of delivering a flow rate of up to 400 gallons per hour. Because of such a high flow rate, the filter is very effective at performing its function.

The configuration with two pumps is still an option. Because of the job that these pumps do, both the intake and the outflow of water will be improved simultaneously. Additionally, the pumps assist in delivering the water to the filter at the appropriate pressure so that the water may undergo the most effective filtering possible. In addition, the filter has a straightforward appearance. To get it going, all you have to do is put the filter material inside and then hang it on the tank. First things first, ensure that it is connected to a power source. The fact that it has a larger capacity than any other hob makes it the finest option. The capacity in the sense that it is able to store up to twice as many filter cartridges as other filters of the same size does in comparison to how much space it takes up. This indicates that it has the potential to supply you with a very effective filtering in a very simple manner. When it comes to filtration, the model has up to three stages of filtration as standard equipment. The mechanical, the biological, and the chemical processes are all included here. You may now have complete confidence that the water that emerges at the other end of the filter has been filtered thoroughly. Because it is propelled by the bio-wheel, the huge spray bar guarantees that there is effective removal of the undesirable substances. In addition to this, you will be able to make room for the growth of good microorganisms. This fluval hob is very simple to clean when it becomes dirty. When it comes to cleaning it, the manufacturer has laid down the steps that you need to go through in a certain order. If you take your time and do it well, it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to finish. The media would often be stored in trays, which is the primary reason for this. It is as easy as sliding them out of their proper locations, giving them a brief cleaning, and then replacing them in those positions.

In spite of the fact that it is powered, it will not use a significant amount of energy. The astoundingly low amount of energy that it needs to function is what encourages more and more people to consider using it as their primary filter. It is not difficult to get replacement components in the event that anything has been damaged. Because the corporation has dealers all around the world, gaining access to their components is much simpler. Despite the fact that it is not a micro hob filter, this one performs a fantastic job!


  • It comes with impressive flow rate of 400 GPH
  • It has a two-pump design
  • It comes with impressive filter capacity
  • It is easy to operate


  • The bio-wheel is highly delicate

BUY NOW from Amazon.com

5. Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Hang On Back Filter Review

You will not find a better hob filter available for use with your tank than this one. Although it is only a hang on back filter, it packs a lot of performance into its compact frame. Because it can be used in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums, it appeals to a larger number of individuals, which pushes up its popularity. Because of this, you will not need to spend additional money purchasing a filter for each tank. This will allow you to save money.

This is the kind of adaptability that one hopes to see in a top-tier product like the one being discussed here.

On the other hand, one more important aspect of this filter hob to take into consideration is its capacity. An astounding 300 gallons of water may be filtered via it in one hour. It has been optimized by the manufacturer to work well in aquariums of up to 50 gallons in capacity. Because there are so many popular aquariums of this size, you can be certain that there will be a large number of individuals interested in purchasing it.
The level of filtration that it offers is another feature that many people are interested in. No one wants a system that does not filter out all of the toxins that need to be eliminated from the water. There is no need to be concerned about how well this model will function. It has a filtering system that has four stages. The ultimate effect is that you will never not have water that is completely clear to look at. It is not just a matter of visibility; the water must also be free of toxins and clean for this to be successful.

The first stage of the model is pre-loaded with a substantial quantity of floss, and its primary purpose is to facilitate the removal of any large particles and trash. After that, the water is sent through a stage that contains activated carbon and is then discharged. Toxins, colors, and scents may all be eliminated with relative ease thanks to the carbon. At this time, whatever stench that was there would have been eliminated, leaving the water with a more pleasant aroma.

The bio-holster makes up the third step of the process. It is essential to do this in order to get rid of the ammonia and nitrites. After you have eliminated these two, the water should be able to support the growth of the beneficial bacteria. The process of filtering the water completely has reached its fourth and final step at this point. The diffuser grid is included with the fourth step of the process. This grid will assist in the elimination of any extra pollutants that may be present in the water. Additionally, it contributes to the process of oxygenating the water. The second item that is worth noting is the internal pump that comes with the characteristics that attenuate the noise. You will wind up with a product that functions silently and without any hiccups as a direct consequence of this. When the filter is functioning properly, you will not have to be concerned about a rattling noise occurring. The model functions in even more effective ways because to the specific design, which was developed. It will never let a leak to occur, so you will never have to worry about any spills occurring as a result.


  • It comes with advanced 4 filtration stages
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It is very quiet
  • No leaks


  • A few issues with the impeller

BUY NOW from Amazon.com

6. Tetra Whisper Hang On Back Filter Review

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a filter if you have a relatively modest aquarium if you want to keep your fish healthy. There is also the possibility of selecting the Tetra Whisper hang-on-back filter. There are times when the most important things come in the smallest packaging. It may be compact, but despite its size, it will provide you with the highest possible level of performance. The vast majority of people are overjoyed to have obtained it as the most effective hub for their aquariums. Because it is produced by a well-known brand, you can be confident that you will always get a product of the highest possible quality.

One other quality of this filter that you will come to like is its low level of noise. The fact that it has a silent hob filter sets it apart from the other options. You may be able to use a filter sometimes, but its performance might not always be up to par with what you need. You got lucky with this one since it is the ideal option for households that do not require the rattling noise of a filter, so you won’t have to worry about that.

There are many different things to do and see, and it all depends on whatever model you go with. There is a type available that can effectively filter aquariums with a capacity of up to sixty gallons of water. You may be certain that it will always be helpful, even for the bigger aquariums, despite the fact that we began by suggesting that it would be wonderful for the smaller ones. This merely serves to further illustrate that the model possesses the highest degree of adaptability.

This filter hob may be purchased at a low price. On the market today, there are not too many filters that come in at the same price point as this one does. Because of this, it is now feasible for those with a limited financial means to get a filter that will assist them in maintaining the cleanliness of their aquariums. Putting it together is not at all difficult. The manufacturer will provide you with an instruction booklet that details all of the procedures necessary for setting up the product correctly. This will guarantee that maintaining and cleaning the aquarium is a breeze for you at all times. You may also check out a few online communities that are dedicated to discussions over this filter. Because it is such a widespread filter, there are always going to be more conversations taking place about it.

In order to achieve a higher level of cleanliness, the water from the aquarium will be filtered via three separate stages. This ensures that the water that is eventually recirculated into the aquarium will always be clean and transparent. It is only when you have really used it that you will fully comprehend the outstanding performance it offers.


  • It is the best to use for small aquariums
  • It uses the large bio-bag cartridges
  • It has three filters in one for better cleaning
  • It is quiet when operating


  • Complaints about filter leaking are common

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7. Seachem Tidal Hang On Back Filter Review

A hang on back filter is another device that is at the top of its class and can be purchased. The Seachem Tidal Hang On Back filter has a cutting-edge design in its construction. Its cutting-edge design is the secret to its superior functionality when compared to that of similar products. On the top of the filter’s lid are cutouts that have been made specifically for ventilation purposes. The water that is recirculated through the aquarium is completely oxygenated thanks to the combination of these ventilation openings and aeration grooves, which operate together. During the filtration process, they are also helpful in maximizing the amount of gas exchange that occurs.

What do you think of its functionality? The water is forced upward into the filter’s basket in order for the model to function properly. The water is forced upward through the filter medium after entering at the bottom of the basket where it is stored. When used, the flow from the tank’s bottom to its top assures that the water will have more opportunities to interact with the filter medium. More contact makes it simpler and easier to clean the water, which results in a more thorough removal of all impurities. There may be those of you who are concerned about the noise that is produced by a filter when it is operating properly. Not in this case, unfortunately. The pump is insulated and comes standard with the model. The goal is to get it to function without generating an excessive amount of noise. It is possible that you will not even be able to hear it operating until you are quite near to the tank. Because of this, you should come to the conclusion that the filter will be an excellent addition to the workplace, which requires a reduced level of noise. In addition to this, it consumes less power, which means that you do not need to be concerned that it will throw off your power consumption in any way.

To ensure that you are aware of when it is necessary to do some maintenance on your filter, the manufacturer, which is possibly better than the SunSun hob filter, has to take certain precautions. This is because there is a maintenance alert light that glows blue at the very top of the filter. When there is a blockage in the filter, which prevents water from passing through it, the indication light will illuminate. When this occurs, the water will be sent back into the tank through a separate exit, which will cause the indicator to become activated.

There is not a great deal for you to be concerned about in terms of cleaning. The basket that contains the filtering material has cutouts in an elevated position. You just remove them from the container, clean them, and then replace them. You should be through with the process of cleaning the media within a couple of minutes’ time at the very most. After that, the filter will function in the appropriate manner.

Additionally, the filter has a wide range of applications. This is possible because the intake is able to be adjusted and telescopically extended. It makes it possible to get water from any level without having to physically halt the filtration process. Overall, it seems like this could be the best filter for hob aquariums.


  • It is a powerful filter
  • It offers impressive water flow rate
  • It has an adjustable flow rate
  • The model has an indicator for clogged filter
  • It is very quiet


  • The media basket clogs easily

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8. Penn Plax Cascade Hang On Back Filter Review

One of the greatest hang-on-back filters available to purchase right now for an aquarium is the Penn Plax Cascade 300. The primary justification is the fact that it serves as an effective model. It will alter the way that you normally filter the water in your aquarium. This is why it is here. The maker estimates that it can move 300 gallons of water per hour via its system. There aren’t too many models that could hold that much. This indicates that it will be appropriate for aquariums ranging in size from 55 to 100 gallons in capacity. You should now have a better idea of what you should use the next time if you have a huge tank.

The introduction of the quad filtration system is also coming to usher in a new era in terms of how water is filtered. Because the water will travel through four phases, you can be absolutely certain that you will finish up with the clearest and cleanest water possible. When you need to get rid of contaminants like ammonia and nitrites, the kind of filtration that is both effective and efficient is what you need. As soon as they are eliminated, the water will become clear and healthy for your fish to consume.

In order to achieve an even higher level of water purity, the activated carbon that is used as part of the filtering medium is essential. The result of this is that the dangerous substances are removed more effectively, and the water is purified as a result. Additionally, the carbon is what eliminates the unpleasant scents that are present in the water. It is still necessary to use the same substance in order to effectively remove color from the water. It is because of this that the water will eventually become clearer than it was before. The inclusion of an internal sponge serves the purpose of facilitating the formation of conditions favorable to the proliferation of helpful microorganisms. After the water has been cleansed by this filter, you will be able to provide your fish and plants with a healthy environment in which to grow. Another essential component of the filter is the cartridge made of polyfiber floss. It will assist in capturing trash ranging in size from big to little. It is the one, however, that due to the items it has to capture can need frequent cleaning.

Because it has a flow knob that can be adjusted, this filter offers you more options. The goal is to have the ability to minimize the amount of filtration when it is time to feed or when it is required. There are occasions when you could have fish and plants that are sensitive. This function is essential to assist in protecting children at all times. The fact that the filter is still suggested for use in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums is perhaps the finest feature of the product. You will also enjoy that this filter is lightweight and has a quiet operation while it is in use. Unless you actually see the power switch being switched on, you won’t be able to hear it operating. This ensures that your fish will never be exposed to an unhealthy environment.


  • It is powerful
  • It comes with more filtration media
  • It has an adjustable flow knob
  • It works for both fresh and saltwater tanks


  • Lacks an attachment to lengthen the filter

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9. Marina S10 Hang On Back Filter Review

Those individuals who need a tiny aquarium filter for their modest-sized aquariums are the target audience for the Marina S10 filter. The maker gave it a compact form factor so that customers who own aquariums with a size of 10 gallons or less would have an easier time purifying their water with it. Yes, it is likely that you already have such an aquarium; hence, rather of shelling out more cash to get the bigger versions, you now have the alternative of making use of the more cost-effective tiny model. The very best thing about it is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money on it since it is so reasonably priced. The S10 model is produced by a reputable company that, over the course of many years, has been responsible for the creation of a number of the best aquarist items available. Because of its one-of-a-kind design and aesthetics, it always encourages more customers to consider the possibility of purchasing it for themselves right now. This model is really small and doesn’t weigh much. The use of it for your aquarium will not give you the impression that it is a burden in any way. Although it is quite compact, the filtering capabilities are on a whole other level. You can always count on getting water that is spotless and transparent at the conclusion of the process.

The filter has a design that is small and simple to fit, which will make installing it a breeze. Because it makes use of cartridge systems, it will be able to filter water more effectively after it has been placed in its proper location. The procedure of putting everything up is really simple. You ought to be finished in the next few minutes at the most. This is an improvement over certain models, which may need you to spend more time on the setup component of the process. Additionally, the design permits the motor to operate when it is underwater. It is essential to do this in order to ensure optimal performance, since failing to do so would result in the motor being primed each time it is unplugged. In addition to this, the height of the filter may be adjusted as needed. Because of this, adjusting it to the varying heights of the water in the tank is a simple process for you.

Another significant element that you would like to learn more about is the adjustable flow control that is included in the product. The purpose of this is to make it so that you have an easier time managing the amount of water that flows through the tank. When the filter is being used, there is also an impression that the flow spreads out throughout the slide. Even when the filter is functioning at its maximum flow rate, it is essential that this design be used so that the force of the current may be reduced. The fish are put under less stress when there is a lack of strong currents.


  • It has an adjustable flow
  • The motor can be fully submerged
  • It is easy to install and maintain
  • It offers impressive filtering options
  • It is affordable


  • Not the best for sensitive aquatic animals

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10. Aquatop PF40-UV Hang On Back Filter Review

Sometimes the water flow rate that a filter is capable of delivering is the deciding factor in whether or not it will be considered one of the top filters on the market. You may have preconceived notions about filters, but the Aquatop PF40-UV hang on back filter is here to disprove those notions. It has a flow rate that is rather astounding, measuring 128 gallons per hour. What this indicates is that the water in your aquarium will be cleaned in the quickest amount of time feasible.

Because it has such a high flow rate, it may be used in aquariums of varying sizes without any problems. It is suggested by the maker that you use it for aquariums ranging in size from 15 to 40 gallons in capacity. You may always end up with the greatest filter for your aquarium today, particularly if you keep in mind that these are the aquariums that people will always have.

When deciding between a large and a small hob filter, the pumping power is always another important factor to consider. This one comes with a pumping power of 7 watts and a UV lamp that is also 7 watts. When you use a product of this kind, you won’t have to worry about the amount of electricity it consumes. Because of the way it was designed, it has always been accessible to a larger number of individuals today. They are aware that this level of pumping strength is sufficient to force the tank water through the filter, allowing for easy cleaning of the water.

The fact that there are five stages of filtration should be reason enough for anybody to consider purchasing the model right now. It will always be of assistance in providing a more thorough cleansing of the water. In the end, you will always end up with water that is cleaner and clearer as a consequence of this process. In addition to that, it comes with a skimmer that can automatically adjust itself to assist clean the water’s surface. This helps to enhance gas exchange and is also helpful. The ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer is an additional function that is not included in all of the filters. The purpose of the light is to prevent the growth of undesired algae blooms and to ensure that the water in the aquarium is always perfectly clean. You may now be certain that the water in the aquarium will not contain any toxins when it is finally filtered.


  • Impressive flow rate for its size
  • Great pumping capabilities
  • It has an adjustable water flow
  • It comes with 5-stage filtration system


  • ome complained about noisy operation

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It is simple to comprehend, after reading the many evaluations of the hang on back filters, why so many individuals would want to get one of their own own. The initial investment for these filters is not very high. There aren’t too many other kinds of filters that are sold at such low prices. With these filters, you may now have the opportunity to keep your aquarium clean even if you are working with a limited budget. It is not just about the cost, but also about the functionality. Putting in place the stove filters is a piece of cake. The process of setting things up won’t take too much of your time, so don’t worry about that. When it comes to the process of setting up the filter, the makers will often provide you with step-by-step instructions to follow. It will not be difficult for you to remove it in order to do maintenance and cleaning on it. On the overall, you are going to love the idea of using the hob filters.

Picking the best hob filter is always going to revolve around a few things. The first one is the aquarium size. This is the most important feature to always consider as it will affect how you get to use the filter. The water flow rate is also important. You want a flow rate that will make cleaning of your aquarium effective. Picking products from a top brand is also encouraged. This will help you end up with the best filters always.

We can easily recommend the AquaClear best hob filter among many we have reviewed. It comes out as the best for the many features it has to offer to the user. The filtration system is on another level. It will always give you the right performance to eliminate the dirt at all times. Its filtration volume is up to 7 times more than what you get the other comparable filters.

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