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7 Best Hang On Back Protein Skimmer Reviews & Buying Guide (2019)

Best Protein Skimmers Overview

What is a skimmer for a fish tank? If you’re a fish owner, you’re probably already aware that aquariums can accumulate a lot of buildup of dirt, grime, and bacteria. To prevent this, you will need to take the necessary steps to make sure that your fish aquarium water stays clean and crystal clear with the best hang on back protein skimmer. If the aquarium water is left uncleaned for an extended period of time, it could prove to be fatal for your aquatic friends. To help, we’ve created a guide based off of protein skimmers reviews and hang on the back skimmers.

The best protein skimmer can help you have a better and cleaner aquarium. If you're new to owning fish, you may not be aware, but a protein skimmer hang on back can help by taking out some of the accumulation of dirt, grime, and other bacteria. It also works to take out organic matter that floats around. Many people mistake a protein skimmer for being the same thing as a filtration system, but this is not true. A protein skimmer produces air bubbles and helps reduce the amount of organic matter in the tank. So, please do not confuse it as you will need both a filtration system and a protein skimmer. It's crucial to have, especially if you own many aquatic animals and plants. So, not only are you helping your aquatic creatures to have potentially better health and live in a safe environment free of toxins and the risk of getting sick, but you are also getting the chance to have a crystal clear tank along with an enchanting filtration system/protein skimmer for sale that produces bubbles. Some people find the bubbles relaxing, while others do not.

We searched the Internet and looked at various websites and read a countless amount of different best proteins skimmers descriptions. We want to make sure that you're buying the best protein skimmer. So, to help you locate the exact protein skimmer, we made a list of the top 7 different types of best protein skimmers that are the best on the market right now. We also included top-rated hob protein skimmer reviews from people who own aquatic pets and plants and use protein skimmers on a regular basis. Many of these orders range from new owners to owners who know what they're talking about, and we've listed their reviews of the products. So, if you're new to protein skimmers or if you're just in the market to buy a new one that works better than the one currently in your tank, just keep reading the article and we will try our best to help you understand and pick a top protein skimmer that is going to work for your needs.

Best Hang On Back Protein Skimmers Comparison
Product Tank Capacity Air Flow Water Flow Extra Features Ratings
Macro Aqua M-60 Hang-on External Protein Skimmer

Macro Aqua M-60 Hang-on External Protein Skimmer

120 Gallons

80 GPH

320 GPH

Needle-to-wheel impeller

3.2 of 5
Reef Octopus Classic 100-hob Protein Skimmer Protein Skimmer

Reef Octopus Classic 100-hob Protein Skimmer

105 Gallons



Adjustable surface skimmer attachment

4.3 of 5
Macro Aqua M-50 Mini Hang On External Protein Skimmer

Macro Aqua M-50 Mini Hang On External Protein Skimmer

60 Gallons


238 GPH

Needle-to-wheel impeller

4.5 of 5
Reef Octopus Bh90 Hang On Protein Skimmer

Reef Octopus Bh90 Hang On Protein Skimmer

130 Gallons



Cylindrical body
Siphon feature
Skims top of water

4 of 5
Eshopps HOB protein Skimmer

Eshopps HOB protein Skimmer

75 Gallons

60 GPH



3.5 of 5
Coralife Super Skimmer With Pump

Coralife Super Skimmer With Pump

125 Gallons



Wide neckg
Bubble production diffuser

3.4 of 5
Cpr Bak-pak 2 Hang On Back Protein Skimmer

Cpr Bak-pak 2 Hang On Back Protein Skimmer

55 Gallons

50 GPH

220 GPH

Needle-to-wheel impeller

3.7 of 5

Top Rated Hang On The Back Protein Skimmers Reviews

1. Macro Aqua M-60 Hang-on External Protein Skimmer Review

1. Macro Aqua M-60 Hang-on External best Protein Skimmer Review

The Macro Aqua External Protein Skimmer is a high-quality skimmer that works for up to 120-gallon aquariums. It is a hang on filter with a water flow of 320 GPH. The airflow runs at the rate of 80 GPH. It is extremely effective at helping exterminate any waist and particles left over that may be unhealthy or unsanitary for organic living fish or plants. To use, simply remove the collection cup and dispose of any excess waste that builds up over time. It is very easy to install onto your tank and has an easy operation. Installed within this protein skimmer is also a needle-to-wheel impeller which will help increase the amount of air that the water comes in contact with. One of the best external protein skimmers.

  • High Quality - Very high-quality and will help keep your tank free from any excess waste material that may be harmful or damaging to your aquatic friends.
  • Large Capacity - There is a 120 gallon weight capacity, this is ideal for larger tanks.
  • Effective - Very effective at removing organic waste and other harmful bacteria.
  • Easy Installation - Simply hang onto the top of your tank.
  • Needle-to-Wheel Impeller - The wheel is installed within the protein skimmer and will help regulate and increase the amount of oxygen that the water comes in contact with.
  • Takes a While to Prime - While many customers were satisfied with the price and use of their product, they were not happy about how long the protein skimmer took to program. Some users take note that it took them a full day to prime the right settings to the aquarium.

2. Reef Octopus HOB Skimmer Review

Reef Octopus HOB best protein Skimmer

The Reef Octopus Classic Protein Skimmer is one of the best skimmers on the market for this price. It has a capacity to filter 105 gallon tanks. It's easy to install and it has a very easy operation design which allows the pump to be mounted inside the tank at all times. To install, put the protein skimmer onto the back of your aquarium, make sure it's mounted correctly in place and then adjust the inner strainer until it's skimming properly. It is constructed of only the highest quality acrylic and the protein skimmer is designed to be highly efficient with pinwheel pump which will help produce a good amount of water and oxygen to maximize the benefit of very clean water and waste removal.

  • Large Capacity - This protein skimmer can clean aquariums of up to 105 gallons.
  • Easy Installation - Simply latch it onto the back of your tank and you are ready to go.
  • Adjustable Fish Tank Surface Skimmer - It has an adjustable surface skimmer which will only filter the top of the water in the tank.
  • Pinwheel Pump - The pinwheel pump ensures that the protein skimmer is reaching and filtering all water in the tank.
  • No Directions - Many customers have complained that this protein skimmer is hard to set up as it does not have any directions, thus you have to figure out how to set it up and change all of the settings.

3. Macro Aqua M-50 Mini Hang On External Protein Skimmer Review

Macro Aqua M-50 Mini Hang On External best Protein Skimmer

  • High Quality - This protein skimmer is crafted from high-quality materials that will not break and will continuously work over time.
  • Small Sized - It’s a small hob protein skimmer and is only recommended for tanks of 50 gallons or smaller.
  • Effective - It’s very effective at skimming the water and also cleaning it of any impurities.
  • Easy Installation - Simply hang it onto the back of your tank and watch it go to work.
  • Needle Impeller - The needle impeller helps rotate the water around the tank and ensures that the protein skimmer is filtering through each and every particle.
  • Noisy - Some people have complained that this unit does produce a low noise. This is similar to a humming and can easily irritate people who expect a completely quiet protein skimmer. If you have a filter running with the protein skimmer, then the noise may be too annoying for you.

4. Reef Octopus Bh90 Hang On Protein Skimmer Review

Reef Octopus Bh90 Hang On best Protein Skimmer

The Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer is a unique protein skimmer that is designed with a really cool body. The protein skimmer uses a siphon to help process the water throughout the skimmer, this helps reduce the load on the pump and pump more oxygen into the water. This aquarium skimmer is to be used for up to 100 gallons, it has a pinwheel pump to help circulate the water pressure. It can reduce turbulence, skim the surface of the water and has an easy to remove collection cup that can hold a large amount of waste.

  • Air Silencer - To prevent the protein skimmer from producing any noise.
  • External Protein Skimmer Setup - The protein skimmer is mounted on the outside of the tank and is hanging off the side.
  • High Quality - It’s crafted from high-quality materials and is created to be durable and long-lasting.
  • Removable Turbulence Reducer - The removable turbulence will help regulate the airflow and water flow.
  • Easy Installation - Simply put it onto the back of your aquarium.
  • Short Lifespan - The maximum lifespan of this unit is around a year, some saying that it only lasted for 5 months, while others have had it longer. While this has a short lifespan, it works incredibly well and has enough extra features to make up for it.

5. Eshopps HOB Skimmer Psk-75h Review

Eshopps HOB Skimmer Psk-75h

The Eshopps Hang On Protein Skimmer is a very high performance machine. It features a removable collection cup and also a bubble plate which helps direct and concentrate the flow of the air bubbles for maximum performance. It also has an adjustable knob which allows you to adjust the water level to meet the requirements of the ecosystem you're hosting. The acrylic material is just designed to be durable and long-lasting. This is mainly recommended for ecosystems of either saltwater and/or reef aquariums. It can support aquariums of up to 75 gallons.

  • High Performance - This protein skimmer is designed to pump a high amount of airflow.
  • Wheel Pump - To help the water circulate throughout the aquarium, the wheel helps.
  • Bubble Plate - The bubble plate helps direct the direction of the air flow and creates more air bubbles.
  • Adjustable Knob - The protein skimmer has an adjustable knob which helps with the fine-tuning of the water pressure and will help create the perfect ecosystem.
  • Saltwater & Reefs - This protein skimmer is designed to be used with these types of environments specifically.
  • Difficult Instructions - Many customers have had a hard time getting the settings correct on this protein skimmer. Once the system is set up, then the protein skimmer works very well.

6. Coralife Super Skimmer With Pump

Coralife Super Skimmer With Pump

  • Saltwater & Reefs - This system is recommended for ecosystems of these kinds.
  • Needle Wheel System - The needle wheel system will help create a vortex which will remove proteins and other organic compounds from the tank.
  • Highly Effective - It’s very effective in cleaning the tank.
  • Wide Neck - There is a wide neck for the collection cup which makes it easy to clean.
  • Bubble Production Diffuser - This helps prevent the flow of the micro-bubbles from going into the main part of the aquarium.
  • Dual Injection Inlets - It will increase the amount of bubbles being made and will have extended water contact time.
  • Leaks - While most customers were satisfied with their purchase, a few of them have listed that this does have a problem with leaking every now and then. To fix this, just make sure to keep a towel underneath the tank at all times. This is likely due to the larger neck that makes it easier to clean.

7. Cpr Bak-pak 2 Hang On Back Skimmer Review

Cpr Bak-pak 2 Hang On Back Skimmer

The Cpr Bak-pak 2 Protein Skimmer is the second generation HOB combination protein skimmer. The process for this protein skimmer is that the water will enter the column and then follow through to the biological chamber which is filled with Bio Bale before returning back into the aquarium. The skimmer has a rejuvenation Venturi powered head and can help increase countercurrent flow and the quality of the fan collected. The new design incorporates an easy to clean intake tube which can also help the directional outflow and reduce salt splash and micro-bubbles from entering into the main part of your tank.

  • Rejuvenation Venturi Powerhead - This helps reduce the time it takes to increase a countercurrent flow inside the column. You can easily control the quality of the foam through raising and lowering the collection cup.
  • Easy Clean Intake Tube - The intake tube is on the outside and is designed to be easy to clean when enclosed.
  • Break Resistant Collection Cup - This helps prevent the chances of the system randomly breaking down over an extended period of time.
  • Easy Installation - Simply hang onto the back of your tank.
  • Supports Large Tanks - It can support tanks of up to 55 gallons.
  • Poor Exterior - The only issue customers have had with this system is that the protected exterior is created from plastic. So while the inside of the machine works like a charm and is designed to be high impact and durable, the outside is not.


So, after reading everything that this product can do for you, do you still want to use this type of system? Not only does the best hang on back protein skimmer help keep your fish living environment crystal clean, but it also helps keep other harmful toxins and bacteria from continuing to stay in the system. These are usually not the type of bacteria you want in your aquarium, and your filtration system may not be able to remove these types of particles because they're too small. As you can see, the best protein skimmer can help reduce the chances of any chemicals or debris, or organic compounds interfering with the quality of the water.

So when you're finally ready to choose and buy a hang on back protein skimmer, you're going to want to look out for a few significant things. Number one, you're going to want to know that most protein skimmers work almost the same. The main difference between protein skimmers is how big of a tank you need and what type of pressure you need. So if you happen to own either a lot of fish shoved into one tank or you happen to have a smaller tank with more smaller fish, then you may need a protein skimmer. This protein skimmer can help keep the fish in the best possible condition. Always remember to check the manufacturer's suggestions for what type of thing would work well with the kind of fish you have. You should also look and invest in a good pump

The best protein skimmer we have on our list is the Macro Aqua External Hang On Back Protein Skimmer. The reason that we chose this particular protein skimmer over the other traditional types is that it can support 120 gallons of water. The water flow of this machine is 320 GPH. It effectively eliminates any of the organic waste you may find in your tank. It's easy to install, no priming required, and it has a needle impeller and an increased air to water contact level. All of this information was piled from hang on back protein skimmer reviews.