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10 Best Reef Salts for Aquarium: Reviews of Top Reef Salt Mixes 2019


For those who own aquariums, a bit of maintenance is always needed. Well, for reef aquariums, you have to get yourself the right reef salt or learn how to make reef salt. The salt helps in creating the right environment needed to make sure that the reefs can grow better. The reef salt for sale is amazing for providing the reefs with calcium and magnesium important for development. Depending on the type of salt, you can be sure to see some difference when it comes to the fish and corals in general. If the salt is good, within a few weeks you should get to see some noticeable changes in the aquarium.

It is common that sometimes you end up with reef salt that does not perform the way you could have hoped. This happens when you have not done research about the different types of reef salts available. Not all the types on the market will always be good for your aquarium. One way of ending up with the right reef salt would be through reading the best reef salt reviews. They help you understand more about what to expect from a product before buying it. Once you have the right information, you can now easily pick the right salt and get to work. You might know be wondering: “What reef salt should I use?” Any difference in the aquarium salt vs table salt comparison? Let’s find out.

Best Reef Salt Mix Comparison: Which Reef Salt Is Best?
Product Size Calcium Alkalinity Magnesium Top Features

Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salts

200 gallons




Ensures vigorous growth Makes up to 200 gallons

Red Sea Coral Pro Marine Salt

Red Sea Coral Pro Marine Salt

175 gallons




Good for LPS, SPS and soft corals

Red Sea Salt Mix for Aquariums

175 gallons




Comes with elevated levels of foundation elements

Kent Marine AKMKSS150 Reef Salt Mix

200 gallons




Elevated levels of calcium, magnesium and strontium

Fritz Aquatics 80270 Reef Pro Mix

180 gallons




Reaches stable pH in a few minutes after mixing

Red Sea Fish Pharm ARE11236

200 gallons




Best for growing SPS coral frags

Instant Ocean Sea Reef Salt





Nitrate and phosphate free

Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt

160 gallons




Comes with extra trace elements for vigorous growth

Seachem Laboratories Reef Salt

200 gallons




This one dissolves quickly and completely in a short time

Fritz Aquatics 80243 Reef Pro

200 gallons




Nitrate, phosphate, and ammonia free

Top Rated Reef Salt Mixes for Aquarium Reviews: Which Reef Salt to Use?

In the following part of the article, we are going to review some of the best reef salt for sps in an effort to make it all easier for you when it comes to buying quality products. We will help you understand everything you need before making the big decision.

1. Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt Review

Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt

The Instant Ocean Salt is here to change your mind about the different types of reef salts available today. The manufacturer made it better by making it applicable to both soft and hard corals. It is the reason you should find many people easily going for it. It will also give you more benefits that are commonly associated with using reef salt mixes.

You will notice that this reef salt comes with a high rate of dissolvability. This should make it possible to dissolve in less time. It will easily mimic the chemical composition of having natural seawater. You will also note that the mixture does not separate even when stored in the bag over time. The aim was to make sure that you have a salt mix that does not go bad. It should maintain its chemical formula even when stored for a long time. This ensures the aquatic organisms will get consistent and healthy water environments.

Some of the other benefits are that the Instant Ocean Reef Crystals salt mix comes with the important ions for the water. These are the same ions that would be found naturally in the seawater. Well, you can now create the perfect sea water environment with this type of salt. It is now time to replenish the aquarium water with such ions as they can get lost with time.

This reef salt also comes with amazing composition that will make the aquarium water better. This is mostly because of the low levels of organic carbon. These low levels make sure that the growth of algae and bacteria growth is prevented altogether. No one wants to deal with the mess of ever growing algae in the aquarium. So, how about where to use it? You are in luck whenever you pick this reef crystal salt for sale today. Its composition makes it possible to use for both freshwater and marine water. This makes the salt highly versatile. You can always have a use for it even with a different aquarium setup from your friend. This is the reason you find the salt having such impressive ratings to just show how good it is.

The preparation process is not hard. The manufacturer has outlined some of the things you have to do to prepare the salt. Make sure to follow these instructions as they help with making sure that you end up with the right salinity once the salt is used. All in all, if you’re wondering what reef salt to use, go for this one.

  • it comes with low carbon levels
  • it will not separate even when stored for a long time
  • easily dissolves in the water
  • easy to prepare
  • It leaves a white residue in the tank

2. Red Sea Coral Pro Marine Salt Review

Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter

The Red Sea Coral Pro Salt is another top reef salt that you could use today. The answer to “what's the best reef salt to use” could be this product. It comes from a top brand which has been making impressive aquarium products for a while now. This should convince you that you will always end up with the best marine salt also. The manufacturer describes it as the ideal salt mix for the reef aquariums. This is mostly due to the accelerated growth that is expected when using such type of reef salt.

This aquarium salt is also important when it comes to promoting a healthy growth. The aquatic life of the aquarium will have enough nutrients and other important supplies to grow well. You can also expect to have enhanced vitality of the corals. This is great as you will always have an easy time to start using the salt already knowing the top benefits it has to offer.

Keeping in mind that the corals will build their skeletons by absorbing the various minor, major, and trace elements, the reef salt has to have all of them. That is not a problem when you consider this type of aquarium salt. The manufacturer has given it the best balance between the various elements such as calcium, magnesium and other carbonates. Once these elements are in the water, they should provide the right environment for aquatic life to grow. It does not matter which type of coral you have. The composition of the salt allows it promote healthy growth in all soft, SPS, and LPS corals. You will not have to buy different salt mixes for each reef if you have several in your home. The manufacturer also recommends this salt for growing out SPS coral frags. With all these features, the salt mix is still cheap. It comes in a 55-gallon pail. For its price, you will find that it is affordable for that size. For many users, they should find it easy to prepare before mixing it with the water. The manufacturer will send you comprehensive instructions on preparing the salt. Those that are looking to make their aquatic environment better, this is the most affordable way to do so.

  • a good ratio between the important component
  • it is affordable
  • it comes as enough quantity for several uses
  • it works for various types of aquariums
  • it provides for accelerated growth in aquatic life
  • Will easily contaminate if not stored properly

3. Red Sea Salt Mix for Aquariums Review

Fluval External Fish Tank Filter

What's the best reef salt? It might be this one. To be the best reef salt, there was the need to make sure that the sea salt was great. Most people want something they can actually use for their different aquariums for a long time. This salt comes biologically balanced for better performance. The balancing involves having the right levels of the foundation elements. These elements include calcium, magnesium, and carbonates. The combination of these various elements help with having a sustainable and accelerated growth of the coral.

As for the applications, there is no doubt you will always find an aquarium where to use it. The manufacturer claims that you could use it for LPS and SPS corals. The same could be used for growing coral frags. You can always see why the salt is quite popular among many aquarium users today.

The manufacturer had included over 70 chemical elements. These elements are important to influence the water parameters. This is crucial if you want to attain the overall chemical stability. With the use of this best salt for reef tank, you will be creating the right environment for your aquatic life.

The foundation elements used in the salt will affect the water chemistry so there was the need to have them in the right balance. Some of the things they affect include pH stability, ionic strength, and alkalinity. By using this salt for reef aquariums, you can easily create the right environment that will work for your aquarium.

In the natural environment, it is always easy to have the foundation elements being found. That changes when you get to use a reef aquarium. Since the resources get depleted by the aquarium inhabitants, then using such aquarium salt is crucial. For many people, they always find it within the affordable range considering what it will have to do. Thanks to the good ratio between elements, you can start to see some great results after a few weeks of using the salt for reef.

If you think that your reef is low in nutrients, then it is time to use this type of salt. You might just have some positive reviews to say also once you get to experience what it offers. The process of preparing it does not take long. Within a few steps you should be done. You can be sure that it is not complicated.

  • great for reefs with low nutrient level
  • good ratio for the foundation elements
  • easy to prepare
  • offers accelerated growth for corals
  • Some feel it is a small size for the money

4. Kent Marine AKMKSS150 Reef Salt Mix Review

Kent Marine AKMKSS150 Reef Salt Mix Review

This Kent Marine AKMKSS150 Reef Salt comes with the best formulation you will ever need. The formulation makes it possible to elevate the levels of magnesium, calcium, strontium, and other important elements in your reef tank. You can be sure that every compound in the salt mix will be important to your aquarium. “Which reef salt is best”, you might ask here as well. It could be this one.

These compounds have important uses when it comes to the aquarium. They will provide the essential environment that is important for having the proper growth of the coral. You might have heard the same with the other salts, but this one will for sure make you see the results. It is the reason we had to put it on the list of best salt mix for reef tank. It might take a bit longer, but the results that you get are always worth the wait.

It is not just the compounds that you get when using this reef salt. The salt also helps in developing the skeletal structure of the coral reef. You will always have an easy time showing your corals to your friends just to see how far it has developed. With the developed structures of the reefs, you can now have better reef vitality. Solubility is something you would always want to see in a salt. No one likes having a cloudy aquarium and residue left behind. You will be happy to know that this reef salt mix comes with impressive solubility levels. Forget about having a nasty white film in the tank. You can be sure that that the water will remain clear as always.

Kent reef salt is still a highly versatile salt mix and you can buy today. This is mostly because you could use for fish, coral, or combined aquariums. No more worries that you have to find specific reef salt for various aquariums. For sure it will always save you the hassle. The best part is that the salt is enough to cover up to 200 gallons of water. You can see how it is possible to use such a small amount of salt for treat several gallons of water.

More people are going to love this salt as it does not affect the pH of the water. Sometimes the change in pH often affects the growth or survival of aquarium inhabitants. You will not have to worry that you may have to spend a lot of time correcting the pH of your aquarium.

  • Works for all types of reef aquariums
  • Does not affect the pH
  • Does not come with toxic elements
  • It is highly soluble
  • It has minerals and vitamins for the best coral growth.
  • Some users feel it takes longer to see the results.

5. Fritz Aquatics 80270 Reef Pro Mix Review

Fritz Aquatics 80270 Reef Pro Mix Review

Over the years, there has been a surge in the number of reef salt types available. It is the reason you have to be careful about the type of salt that you buy today. It all comes down to buying the Fritz Aquatics reef pro mix salt. This reef tank salt is here to make your aquarium better than before. So, why do people love using this type of salt? One this is for sure, it comes from a top brand. When people know that the brand has been making some of the best aquarium products, they would also trust this one. The manufacturer promises to have made the salt from high quality raw materials. This should prove to you that the salt is safe for your aquarium. To make it even better, the top researchers of the company and additional marine scientists worked together to create this salt type.

The mix comes with the right mixture between the minor and major elements. These are the important elements that would be found naturally in the sea water. With the introduction of these elements, your aquarium will be a haven for better growth of the aquatic life. It is the reason you find this salt being used for living and reef aquariums. With this saltwater aquarium salt, you will be in a position to correct the pH, introduce essential minerals, and buffering the reef capacity.

The manufacturer does not outsource the production of the product. The salt is manufactured in small batches so as to make sure that the each batch can pass the quality checks. This is better than the salt that would be created using generic chemical blenders. The company uses a unique salt blending equipment to make sure that you get the right product for your aquarium.

With such a proper manufacturing process, it is the reason you find this salt last for long even when stored for a long time. Just make sure to store it appropriately as directed by the manufacturer on the package. As for the applications, the salt can be used almost in any aquarium. The manufacturer recommends it for public aquariums, zoos, research institutions, adventure packs, and hobbyists worldwide. There is no doubt you will always find a use for this type of salt.

You can always expect it to have the best results when using aquarium salt. The salt is easily soluble so that you do not have to worry about cloudy water. It is fast acting as you can have a stable pH a few minutes after mixing. This also means that you will see the changes in the aquarium life within a short time.

  • It works for a large amount of water
  • Great for coral and fish
  • It has lots of elements great for coral growth
  • The pH levels easily stabilize in a short time
  • It is expensive

6. Red Sea Fish Pharm ARE11236 Review

Red Sea Fish Pharm ARE11236

This is one of the best aquarium salt mixes you can find on the market today. It is the best mostly because of the brand. The company has a reputation of making the best products, so this one was not a surprise for the enthusiasts. The salt can be used in creating the best coral life. Your aquarium now will be in the best top condition to make sure that you always have a place for your coral.

This is a pro salt which means it has some amazing benefits. Whenever you get to use the salt, you end up having an accelerated growth of the corals. This is important if you want the coral to remain looking good. Within just a few weeks of using this salt, you should be in a position to see some improvement. The viability of the corals would have been improved immensely. It is more reason you will get more people always using this type of aquarium salt. If the salt is going to work best, then the various compounds should be within the right range. With this salt, you should find that it has the right ratio combination between the various elements. The elements include calcium, magnesium, and carbonates. Having the right combination will also boost the growth of the coral and make it effective in the process.

Dissolving this fish tank salt is not a problem. The manufacturer made it to be highly soluble. This means that mixing with water is easy and faster. Also, it will not leave a white film behind. The water might be slightly cloudy, but that wears off in a few minutes as it continues to dissolve. Anyone looking to buy reef salt would always want one with better solubility. Luckily, you do not have to waste time anymore as this one will work just great. However, always make sure to check the saltwater aquarium salt level.

With its results of accelerating the healthy growth of corals, you should find a reason to keep using such type of salt. The best part is that it is going to work for different types of corals. It will work for soft, LPS, and SPS corals. For those who might have the SPS coral frags, this is the right salt to use to grow them. This salt for saltwater tanks also gives you impressive capacity so that you do not have to buy a lot of salt for the aquarium. Remember, learning how to make saltwater for fish tanks is hard, so save time by buying a ready-made product.

  • Impressive ratio between various compounds
  • It comes with an accelerated growth
  • It is enough quantity for wide area application
  • It works for various types of aquariums
  • It will contaminate if not properly stored

7. Instant Ocean Sea Reef Salt Review

Instant Ocean Sea Reef Salt

If you want to make sure that your aquarium looks good with reefs, then you have to provide the right environment. This is where the use of Instant Ocean sea reef salt comes in. It will help with ensuring you create that perfect environment. People love this type of salt for having a high rate of dissolvability. This means that you can easily dissolve it in water without worrying that it leaves a cloudy mixture behind. It will also end up mimicking the right chemical composition just as that of the natural seawater.

Sometimes you might want to store the salt for a while without using it. It is possible to do the same for this salt without worrying much. This is because this aquarium salt for sale’s formula will still remain uniform, even if it has been kept in storage for long. With such properties, you can always create the right environment with the salt always. Just make sure that you follow the instructions on how to properly store the salt.

The company has a reputation of making the best salt mix for reef tank consistently. This is because the salt has to go through the right quality checks always. You can end up with the right solution and consistency always when using the salt. The manufacturer continuously monitors the various salts that are produced. The final product will always have the same consistency compared to the one produced last month or even a year before.

Having an accelerated growth for the corals means that salt has to introduce some important nutrients. You do not have to worry about your corals anymore as the introduction of ions and other nutrients should keep them growing. You will also find that the changes are visible within just a few weeks of using the Instant Ocean Aquarium Salt.

As for the usage, it should be easy for find an application for it. The salt is commonly used in popular aquariums around the world. You could still use it at home for your personal aquarium to bring some change to it. The best part is that it comes in enough quantity that makes it possible for you to mix up the salt with the water easily. No need to buy more just to have the right ratio. It also comes with easy instructions on how to mix it. Within a short time you should have prepared the solution for your aquarium.

  • Dissolved rapidly in the water
  • It will form same chemical composition as natural sea water
  • It does not disintegrate its formula over time
  • It undergoes rigorous quality checks always
  • Tends to clamp together

8. Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt Review

Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt

There is always so much to expect when it comes to using the Instant Ocean Reef Crystals reef salt. By simply being from a top brand makes it one of the best salt type to buy today for your reef. The manufacturer has made it to be one of the best synthetic sea salt you can possibly get today. It will end up mimicking the seawater environment. It is the reason you will always find more people picking this type of salt. The salt has been made in a way that it will work for both the hard and soft corals. You can now expect more people to feel confident about using the salt today. It will also help with adding important compounds to the aquarium. Such compounds include calcium, magnesium, vitamins, and other trace elements. Your reefs should now everything possible to keep growing. You also get special additives that would be important to help detoxify the harmful heavy metals that might have dissolved in the aquarium water.

The calcium compound for a long time has always been important for strong development of the small stony corals. This compound is still important for the development of coralline algae too. You have to keep supplying the corals with calcium as the grown and hard corals would always remove the dissolved calcium as they keep growing. This reef tank salt is here to help with adding more calcium back into the water for proper coral development.

The quality of the salt is something that you will like. Thanks to the impressive quality, the process of dissolving the salt is faster. In the end, you will end up with water having similar characteristics as the natural seawater. Well, you can see that the salt will always work as great as you would want. The best part is that chemical formula will always remain uniform even if there is a difference in the production date. It will still remain healthy until the next time you have to use it.

The salt is also great in helping to match up the ions in the water to the same as those found in sea water. The aim is to provide an environment where the corals would grow easily without much trouble. There will also be a drop in the levels of organic carbon. This helps in preventing the growth of some bacteria and algae in the aquarium.

  • The salt has low organic carbon levels
  • It mimics the seawater composition
  • It comes from a trusted brand
  • It remains usable even when stored for a long time
  • It leaves a white residue when dissolved in the tank

9. Seachem Laboratories Reef Salt Review

Seachem Laboratories Reef Salt

The best reef salt is the one that will create an environment that mimics the real reef water out in nature. If you do not know where to start, well, this salt should help you do so. It is one of the best salts you can buy today to help create the right environment for your corals.

From its bucket size, you can use the bucket to mix up to 160 gallons of water. Such type of salt should be the ideal for those who want a treat their medium or large tanks. For most people, they should find it ideal to buy it today. This salt mix is also formulated so that it brings the important compounds for growing the coral. Once mixed with the water, just give it a few weeks to notice the differences in the corals. This is because of the fast acting nature of the reef salt.

When you are going to add salt to your aquarium, you want one that will not leave a cloudy residue behind. This is something common with some other types of salt. You will be happy to know that this salt is built to easily dissolve when put in water. You will not even see any cloudy water behind. You will always be happy with the results.

So, what are some of the elements that you can get in the salt once dissolved? Well, this particular salt comes with calcium, strontium, and magnesium. Such are the important elements that would necessary for the stable and healthy growth of the coral. You will not have to worry about the pH level when using this salt. Its design does not allow the salt to affect the pH level. If that changed, then you will have a hard time stabilizing the pH or alkalinity once again.

When it comes to the use, then you will be happy to know it works for various types of aquariums. It can work for corals only, fish only, or when the two are combined. Such versatility is what would drive more people into picking this type of salt. From many Seachem reef salt reviews, they show that the salt does not contain nitrates, arsenic or other compounds that might be harmful. Each time you get to use the salt you will be sure that it is a safe product for your reef water.

If you need to prepare it, then it should not take you long thanks to the simple instructions. You will always have an easy time preparing the salt for your aquarium.

  • It easily dissolves in water
  • It provides a healthy environment for coral development
  • It does not have toxic components
  • It offers ideal compounds for reef growth
  • The bucket is quite hard to open

10. Fritz Aquatics 80243 Reef Pro Review

Fritz Aquatics 80243 Reef Pro

This type of salt is here to help you with creating the right environment for your coral. There is no doubt that you will have an easy time growing your corals whenever using the best quality salt. For its small size of bucket, it will be able to mix with up to 205 gallons of water. Once mixed, it should form the best seawater for the coral.

For many users with aquariums, the uses of this salt are quite many. This type of salt can easily be used for coral and fish aquarium. This makes them to have quite the versatility that people have always wanted.

You will also like the fact that the salt comes with all the essential compounds. The aquarium salt composition includes the minor and major elements that are needed to have a healthy coral growth. These elements include magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other important minerals and nutrients.

Some people might be afraid to use the salt in their aquariums thinking about the toxins it might introduce. You should have to worry about that when it comes to this type of salt. It is here to give you the best experience without necessarily worrying about the toxins. This is because it does not come with nitrates, phosphates or ammonia. The manufacturer had to make it absolutely safe for you to use it in your aquarium.

The salt also comes in handy to make sure that you always have a stable pH. This is unlike other products that might even make things worse.

There have been complaints about the formation of a white residue. That might not be the biggest problem as it will dissolve all the salt with time. Other than this slight hiccup, many people have fallen in love with this type of aquarium reef salt. Remember to always check the salt level for reef tank though.

  • It can make up to 205 gallons
  • Great for coral and fish
  • It does not contain toxins or any unwanted compounds
  • It has the healthy elements for coral growth
  • It will make the water to be cloudy


If you own a reef aquarium, then you understand the need to have reef salt added quite often to the water. From the various brands available above, you should be in a position to start creating the right environment for your corals and fish. The best part about using the correct salt is that you always end up increasing the right nutrients in the aquarium. Your fish and corals can gain access to such compounds and develop better. The salt also helps with keeping the alkalinity in the right range that the corals would develop better. If you do it correctly, there is a lot more for you to enjoy with the use of reef salt. All in all, we hope that you know how much reef salt per litre is needed and how long does reef salt last.

The buying considerations can never be ignored. If you want to end up with the best reef salt, then you always have to keep some things in mind. The issue of the type of compounds available in the salt comes out as the first one. You need salt with the right proportions of calcium, magnesium and other important trace elements. You still have to think about the quantity of salt needed. No one wants to end up with salt that does not meet their needs.

For those who are still unsure which salt to buy, you can always go for Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt for reef aquarium. This salt type comes from a top brand and ticks all the right considerations you might have. The best part is that you will always end up with top performance within a short time as compared to other salt types.