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5+ Aquarium Sponge Filters: Top-Rated Filters Reviews & Buying Guide 2019


Are you looking for an easy way to clean your aquarium? If the answer is yes, then you may want to try using the best sponge filters available on the market right now. The sponge filters have gained fame over the years and are here to stay. People love them for being noiseless. This is mostly because they are air powered. You will not have to worry about having noise in the room. If you have a small aquarium, no need to spend a lot of money on the expensive models. The sponge filters could still do the same job.

It is possible that you may have tried to buy a sponge filter and it was not so good in terms of performance. Such are the challenges that people have to face today when it comes to picking the best sponge filter. No more confusion as you have come to the right place for more tips on choosing the best sponge filters.

In this article, we get to highlight some of the top models on the market right now. We answer the question “What is the best a sponge filter?” and much more. Even if you decide to pick any from the list below, you still end up with a top quality sponge filter. You will get to learn more about them below from the reviews and a buying guide at the end. The next time you get to buy a sponge filter will be based on an informed decision. Let us get right into the reviews now, let’s see how to set up a sponge filter and much more.

7 Top Rated Sponge Filter: Reviews

In the following part of the article, we are going to review some of the best sponge filters on the market so you know exactly what are the pros and cons of each model, as well as key reviews of some of the buyers. Are sponge filters effective? Looking to buy sponge filter? Trying to find out why get a sponge filter for an aquarium? Continue on reading, because all the answers are here.

1. XY-380 Biochemical Sponge Filter Review

Fluval External Fish Tank Filter

When it comes to having the best biological filtration, then you need all the help you can get. This is where this model comes in and you should know about it if you’re looking to buy aquarium sponge filter. The manufacturer designed it to offer the best performance at all times. You get biological filtration that helps with building the colony of good bacteria. The work of the bacteria is then to break down the nitrites and ammonia in the aquarium water.

This best sponge filter is not just about helping with the bacteria, but also collecting the debris that might be in the aquarium. The model will always leave your aquarium cleaner than before.

The operation of the sponge filter has other advantages, especially to the water. Through its action, you get to supply more oxygen to the aquarium water. The water that goes back to the tank will always have better oxygen level. This is crucial for the animals living in the aquarium.

To make it the best sponge filter for an aquarium, the manufacturer decided to give it a low noise air pump. You might have used other filters that would make a lot of noise while in the room. That is not the case with this one. The air pump is quiet thus giving you a working environment. The air pump also consumes less power as compared to the other models you might get on the market.

When it comes to maintenance, you will not have to spend a lot of time and money on it. For most people, they always find it easy to take it out for maintenance. Once it is done, you can put it back in the aquarium. The heavy base helps with keeping it in one position so that it does not keep moving around in the aquarium. Plus, you don’t really need to know how to use a sponge filter when first buying this product.

  • it is long lasting
  • easy to maintain
  • can filter up to 360l aquariums
  • reduced noise level
  • The water clarity is not as good as most users would want

2. Lustar Sponge Filter Review

Lustar Sponge Filter review

This sponge filter comes from a brand that is all about performance. It prides itself for being one of the best brands that can deliver on a modular design, quality materials, and superior construction. The issue of pricing is nonexistent with this model. You will no longer have to spend a lot of money to get the best sponge filter for yourself.

The manufacturer designed it to be easy to assemble and start using it. The modular design allows for the various components to easily snap into position with ease. The manufacturer also sends you a detailed manual showing how to assemble the product. Even if you are a newbie, setting up the filter is not an issue.

At some point you will have to clean this aquarium sponge filter. It is good news for the users to know that cleaning is easy. You can take it apart into different parts for the cleaning to commence. It will not take you long before you have a clean sponge filter as only a few parts need regular cleaning.

The operation of the sponge filter is just amazing. The manufacturer made it possible for you to use it even in tanks with baby fish. It could also work with invertebrates without harming them. This is unlike those filters that would generate a lot of current that harms the fish when cleaning the water. In addition, you don’t need to know how to clean a sponge air filter since this works very smoothly.

Another thing you might look at when buying a filter is the capacity. The manufacturer has rated this to be sufficient for the 80-gallon aquariums. You can imagine a small filter such as this one can handle water effectively from an 80-gallon aquarium. Plus, this aquarium sponge filter setup’s is very straightforward.

The model can easily clean the waste particles in the aquarium water. This is mostly due to the food remains in the water. It will help remove the debris without harming your fish.

As for the position, you can have it facing either in a vertical or horizontal position. Its heavy base is what makes it possible to keep having an easy time with it.

  • impressive capacity
  • does not harm the baby fish
  • easy to clean
  • setting up is fast
  • Slightly expensive than competitors

3. Aqua PAPA Sponge Filter Review

Fluval External Fish Tank Filter

The manufacturer has to make it one of the best small sponge filters available. It might be small, but it always gets the job done. For most people, they can rest knowing that they a filter that would clean their aquarium with ease always. Thanks to the operation of the filter, you get to oxygenate the water further. It is a sure way of keeping the fish having all the right oxygen levels in the water.

It works for aquarium tanks of size 5 to 10 gallons. It might not be the largest capacities, but keep in mind what people use today for their aquariums. All those who own small aquariums can now have a filter to help them out. No one loves a noisy aquarium filter. It is the reason more would spend time and resources researching about the quiet filters. No need to do that when you have this model. This sponge filter comes with an air pump that has reduced the noise level. You might not even know that it is operating until you see it in action. The best part is that the filter consumes less wattage. No more worries that your filter will increase the electricity bill over the months.

People are always going to be interested in how it works. The filter uses the bubbles of air coming from the external air pump to draw water into the filter. When the water enters the filter, it has to go through several layers of media for filtration to occur. The top layer has the white filter pad. This section is used for mechanical filtration. It will help in removing as much debris as possible from the water.

Next you get the bio sponge in the second layer and ceramic rings combined with gravel. They are important for biochemical filtration. Their work is to support the colonization of the beneficial bacteria in the aquarium. Having the bacteria in the water is important. It will help with breaking down the harmful waste such as ammonia and nitrite. With these two removed, you should have an aquarium free from contaminants.

There is the need to do some cleaning with this sponge filter for sale. Nothing to worry about as the process is not hard. You need to clean the sponge at least every 2 to 4 weeks depending on the use. You need to preserve the beneficial bacteria by washing this air driven sponge filter gently always.

  • more layers of media
  • noiseless pump
  • easy to clean
  • Water clarity cleaning could be improved

4. BATCO SURGE Sponge Filter Review

BATCO SURGE Sponge Filter

Those who need a small sponge filter with top performance will always come for this one. The manufacturer has made it to be the best thanks to its capabilities. The model is used mostly for large aquariums for sizes up to 75 gallons. You will love this aquarium knowing that it can give you the best performance for a large aquarium. This must be different considering that most sponge filters would only work for small aquariums.

The operation of the sponge air filter aquarium does not in any way harm the fish. It is constructed to work at low speeds so that the current generated does not harm the young fish. The air pump that is used in the application also works quietly so that you do not have to worry about noise. That is the beauty of investing in a sponge filter. You will never have to worry about the noise levels again.

Setting it up is a breeze. Even if you have not used a sponge filter before, you should have an easy time getting this filter working in a short time. The manufacturer has outlined all the steps you might have to follow to have the filter up and running. With the comprehensive manual, the chances of getting stuck are slim. You could always check out some videos online of how other people set up their filters to follow.

This filter comes with the mechanical and biological filtration capability. The sponge works by collecting the debris that might be in the water (it also works as a corner sponge filter). At the same time, the biological filtration takes place. As for the biological part, you get to grow the beneficial bacteria important for breaking down more waste in the water. The aim is to always have clean water for the fish.

  • it is easy to operate
  • low noise pump
  • easy to setup
  • It needs regular cleaning

5. Powkoo Sponge Filter Review

Fluval External Fish Tank Filter

The manufacturer had to make sure that you always end up with the best sponge filter by making this model. This is because of the performance you can expect to get with this model whenever it is put into action. It is made of food grade materials that are safe for your fish. You will not have to worry about fish getting harmed whenever using this type of sponge filter.

For it to be effective, the manufacturer made it to have both the mechanical and biological sponge filtration. These two are important for making sure you end up with clean water always. Having clean water is crucial for the survival of the fish in the long run. The filter with the use of these filtration media will clean the tank water leaving it looking clear too. It is amazing what a good sponge filter can do for your tank.

Those who have used it before claim that it is the easiest water filter for their aquariums they have ever used. This is majorly because the set up process is child’s play. You will not have to spend a lot of time when it comes to setting it up. It comes with a few steps such as installing the airline tubing and air pump to the unit to get it working. The best part is that the manufacturer sends you all these parts so that you do not have to spend time looking for them elsewhere. There is simply no aquarium sponge filter replacement for this product.

Another impressive design is the presence of an air valve. The work of the valve is to help prevent the water backflow. In general, you will always have a pump that works correctly and delivers on performance just as you want. You will also note that the model comes with a dual sponge design. What is that for? Well, this is because of creating more surface area. The surface area is important for the bacteria to grow faster and be used in cleaning the water. It also gives the water more surface to be in contact with the media for proper cleaning to happen. In general, you should end up with cleaner water always.

Installation should not be a problem for this dual sponge filter. You can have it installed anywhere with ease. You can hide it at the back wall of the aquarium. This position is great for those who have shrimp tanks or breeder aquariums.

  • impressive performance
  • easy to set up
  • allows for faster cycling
  • noiseless pump
  • Slightly expensive

6. Powkoo Double Sponge Filter Review

Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter

The performance of this sponge filter is always going to appeal to many people who need a reliable filter for their aquarium. No more worries that the type of filter you are using will harm the fish in the aquarium. That is not the case when you pick this model. The manufacturer made it from food grade materials. These materials are absolutely safe for your aquarium. You can be sure that the fish will also be safe once the filter is used to clean the aquarium water.

The manufacturer had to make sure that it appeals to as many people as possible, so you don’t need to know how sponge filter works to use this one. This meant that giving it a larger capacity. There is no doubt you will find more people picking it as it can clean up to 60 gallons. This is something that makes it great among aquarists as most of them would have such sizes of aquariums.

The installation is another thing that would drive more people to use it. This is mostly because the installation is painless. You will not have to hire another person to come and repair or install it for you. The manufacturer made it simple by having only a few parts to be required for assembly. Once you are done with the process, then you should have an easier time cleaning the tank.

The dual sponge is crucial for providing the aquarium water with a vast surface area. The surface area is important for making sure that you get cleaner water always. This is because the water will spend more time on the cleaning surface and thus more dirt is removed. It is the reason you will always find that water cleaned by this filter will be cleaner than when using other filters.

You also get a filtration media box with 500g of filtration media attached to it when buying. The aim is so that you can have a filter cartridge that contains more aquarium filter sponge material for cleaning the water. It will also have more adhesion area for nitrifying the bacteria faster.

  • impressive filtration capacity
  • comes with more filtration media
  • leaves the water clean and clear
  • easy to maintain
  • It is pricey

7. Hikari Bacto-Surge Sponge Filter Review

Fluval External Fish Tank Filter

One thing that has it going for this sponge filter should be the capacity. The manufacturer was ambitious when creating a cheap sponge filter that could work for large aquariums. To be specific, this model works for aquariums up to 125 gallons and the aquarium sponge filter cleaning is very easy to do. For many people this is a dream come true as not many sponge filters can deliver on such performance.

To be still the best among sponge filter reviews, this one comes with high-quality aquarium filtration media. The most notable should be its biological filtration. This type of filtration will support the large bacterial population to help in breaking down the waste in the aquarium water. You can always find it breaking down ammonia and nitrite leaving the water to be clean.

There is also the use of the dense and high-quality foam for the internal sponge filter. This form is important to promote the durability of the model. It is now possible to keep using it for a long time to come without switching. There is no doubt many people would love having this type of media in their aquarium right now with such performance. This aquarium sponge filter for sale is designed to have a heavy base. The work of such a base is to ensure that it keeps the filter from floating. You can now use the model to clean the aquarium without much worries. The design allows the model to be used for various applications. You can use it for nano tanks, breeding tanks, and lot more. It is simply a versatile model.

  • it is affordable for its features
  • high quality construction
  • you end up with clean and clear water
  • It needs regular cleaning

Best Sponge Filters 2019 - Conclusion

It is common to find going for the best sponge filters for being cheap. They are cheap but will still do a good job. You cannot even start to compare their price with the other types of aquarium filters. Another thing is that they are easy to clean. If you have ever used complex filters before, it is often hard work when it comes to cleaning. That is not the same whenever you choose the sponge filters. Their simple design allows for quick disassembly so that cleaning is also faster. If you also have small aquariums, there is no point of going for those large aquarium filters. The sponge filters will do a good job when it comes to cleaning your aquarium. It’s easy to learn how to use aquarium sponge filter, so this might be a great decision for you.

Buying the best sponge filters is just like buying any other type of filter. There is the need to consider the capacity. Not all the sponge filters are the same. You have to look at the capacity it offers. Some would be great for small aquariums while others would work well for the larger aquariums. The overall performance is always another consideration. You do not have to buy a filter if it does not deliver on performance. Check out several reviews to understand what other people say about it before buying. Always pick a model that is highly rated.

The X-Y380 aquarium fish tank best sponge filter easily stands out as the best you could spend your money on. The model comes with several features that makes choosing it quite easy. There is no doubt you will feel comfortable getting it thanks to the high ratings that it enjoys. It is also cheap, so spending your money will not be an issue.